Christmas in July

Bizzi Zizzi Christmas Snowman KitIt’s sweltering hot in the UK (one of the hottest summers for quite a few years) and the kids have broken up from school, but already my thoughts are turning to Christmas gifts.

The festive time of the year is probably when most artists & designers make 80% of their sales, so it’s a good idea to think ahead.  I also have the majority of my family birthdays in November, December and January so it’s also in my interests to get my stock ready as early as possible. To be honest, I should probably have started even earlier, but you live and learn!

Last year I made several ready-made snowman kits. They went down really well, but took an AGE to make, so this year I’m going to do it slightly differently and make up a DIY kit with full instructions and materials.

Recently, I posted my beginners crochet tutorials for right- and left-handers on Etsy and they have been selling like hot-cakes (I’m not going to get rich by the way, they’re practically free!), so I think tutorials and workshops are the way to go!

In other news, the Summer holidays have got off to a good start with Bizzi Zizzi products now being sold along with my fellow Handmade Hub chums at Towcester Library. We have rented shelf space there for the rest of the year and while it’s not a tourist/buyers hotspot, it is a good place to test out products and display ideas.

Bizzi Zizzi Towcester Library 1Bizzi Zizzi Towcester Library 2Bizzi Zizzi Towcester Library 1

We also have a few family activities planned, including a camping weekend (which cleverly includes a visit to The Button Project at Macclesfield Silk Museum), lizard-making (with polymer clay of course) and creating our geocache trail (which might include a few of my buttons) – see, I can still get my crafty fix even if I don’t have as much time to make buttons!


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