Imaginative ideas for date nights


Do you have a regular date night with your partner?

It’s something we try to do but usually unsuccessfully due to lack of imagination, dramas with the kids or sheer exhaustion.

But, I’m determined it’s in our best interests to connect properly as a couple and that this will strengthen our marriage, make us better parents and ensure that we put aside the chores and never-ending to-do list and have a few hours each week just to concentrate on us.

So this Valentines Day, instead of giving chocolates, I created a ‘date night jar’. Inside is 52 pieces of paper, each with a different activity, for us to do each week. Most are activities we can do at home once the kids have gone to bed plus a few that will require us to book a babysitter and have a proper night out. But the main thing was that it wouldn’t break the bank, and that it would be fun.

We will pick them out at random and there’s everything from the sedate to the saucy!

Here are just a few ideas I came up with (I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!):

• Go on a workshop (e.g. Cookery or Photoshop) or do an online tutorial
• Create a restaurant atmosphere in your own dining space. Make a menu, light the candles. If you have kids, let them help set it up before they go to bed.
• Go to the movies or watch one at home. Make it more authentic by borrowing a projector to make it big on a blank wall. Even have a half time break for ice cream like we used to have when we were kids!
• Write a poem together about your life.
• Sort through photos from the previous year. Save your favourites onto an electronic photo frame or get them printed into a memory book.
• Write a love letter to each other.
• Give each other a massage.
• Make bread or a cake together.
• Reminisce about how you met / the day your children were born / the day you got married.
• Go to a spa or your local swimming pool.
• Go for a drive, bike ride or a walk.
• Listen to the music tracks that were popular when you first met.
• Go to an art gallery or museum or the theatre.
• Teach your partner a new skill.
• Give each other a facial, manicure or if you can stand it, a pedicure!
• Play a game of Mr & Mrs – how much do you think you know well about each other? Could be revealing!
• Write a love letter together to your children, parents or siblings.
• Buy or preferably make, a love token for each other and say why you chose it.
• Camp in the garden or sleep under the stars.
• Take a portrait photo of each other or if you’re artistic, draw each other.
• Order a takeaway & have a fancy bottle of wine.
• Go ice-skating, roller-blading, indoor skiing, karting, badminton, squash, trampolining, table-tennis, bowls, snooker, rock climbing.
• Try a new food that neither of you have tried before.

I hope that gives you some ideas too. What else would you add (keep it clean please!)?



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